Review round-up - Three Day Hangover's TARTUFFE!

I think I can safely say that every single cast member had an absolute blast performing this show each night.  Playwright Jake Brandman wrote an incredible script and Three Day Hangover created another wild and hilarious theatre/drinking experience!  Run, don't walk to whatever they do next.

Leah Gabriel - Three Day Hangover's Tartuffe!

"The entire cast is hilarious and unpredictable ... Leah Gabriel is the perfect Doreen" - Stage Buddy

"Like most productions of Tartuffe, the breakout character is Doreen.  Leah Gabriel as the Australian maid brings the witty and dry humor that is unlike any other character. Gabriel's Doreen is truly the glue that keeps the family and show together." - Theater In The Now

 "The voice of sanity in this household is that of the housekeeper, Doreen.  Leah Gabriel is very engaging in this role – funny and a little seditious.  You feel for her as she pulls the one or another inept family member back from the brink."  - Front Row Center

"Tartuffe is blessed with an excellent ensemble. Not a single cast member misses a mark." - New York Theatre Review

"Beth Gardiner directs an impeccable ensemble of actors ... every actor in this production shines." - Theater Pizzazz

Up Next - Sex. Drugs. Politics. TARTUFFE! Nov 4-21, 2015

Three Day Hangover presents Tartuffe!

This one is going to be raucous, hilarious, boozy FUN:

Love your country. Hard. Three Day Hangover is jumping into politics and the candidate to watch is this November is Tartuffe. We’re re-imagining Molière’s searing comedy of hypocrites and heathens for our modern age, and there's no better setting for farce and hilarity than a U.S. Senate race.

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Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing at Queens Library

I'm very excited to be part of the first reading in an epic three-year collaboration between Titan Theatre Company and Queens Library to bring staged readings of Shakespeare's entire canon to libraries across Queens.  

Monday October 5th at 5.30pm I'll be reading Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.  For the rest of the 2015 schedule, click here and read more at .

Miracle on South Division Street at Cortland Repertory Theatre

We have one more week of performing this very fun and touching play at CRT.  Reviews so far have been very positive:

"I loved this show...the actors are superb!  The audience practically bounded to its feet with a spontaneous standing ovation at the end of Wednesday's opener."  

-Katie Keyser, The Cortland Standard

"Cortland Rep's 'Miracle on south Division Street' balances truth and belief...with much humor, sarcasm, and realistic verbal encounters among the four characters..."

- Tony Curulla, read the full review at

Leah Gabriel as Beverly in CRT's Miracle on South Division Street

Green screen, VO & Vancouver, oh my!

This week saw a quick trip out to Port Washington for an afternoon industrial shoot with the awesome folk at ADM Productions

On Monday I'll be recording a very fun VO before flying off to Vancouver for a long-awaited VACATION!

Then I'm back for my third summer at Cortland Rep to play Beverly in Miracle on South Division Street by Tom Dudzick. Check out the before and after pics of Cortland's amazing new downtown space!

I'm still smiling after yesterday's historic Supreme Court decision. #LoveWins

Happy summer friends. x

Review roundup for Titan's all-female Othello

Leah Gabriel as Roderigo in Othello.jpg

"Leah Gabriel, as Roderigo, provides some delightful comic relief, though her character’s ultimate end is just as powerful as the others’. " -Queens Gazette

"Gabriel is at once hilarious and tragic as the bumbling Roderigo" -Off Off Online

"Memorable turns from Leah Gabriel's perfectly pitiable Roderigo and Emily Trask's surprisingly balanced Desdemona, are very welcome." -New York Theatre Review

"It is said that your life passes before you at the moment of death, but in Gabriel's "O damned Iago," it is the 20 years of wisdom to come that she suddenly glimpses as her light flickers out."

"Abbey Siegworth as Cassio and Leah Gabriel as Roderigo are at their best in their fateful fight scene." -Queens Courier

Review Round-up of Boeing Boeing

"The three actresses playing the air hostesses stamp their own unique identities...Leah Gabriel’s Gretchen has a funny exchange when she verbally assaults Robert with the zeal of a Berlin district attorney."  

Bill DeLapp, Syracuse New Times (read the full review here)


"The actors reigned supreme...[the three women] are all outrageous, gorgeous...Gretchen flaunted her body with her presence and her power cape, like a Bat Woman"

 - Katie Keyser Hall, Cortland Standard


"[the] three gorgeous women...all have trim builds and vivacious, expressive features...the actors do a beguiling job of making the most preposterous events seem inevitable."  

Neil Novelli, (read the full review here)