Review roundup for Titan's all-female Othello

Leah Gabriel as Roderigo in Othello.jpg

"Leah Gabriel, as Roderigo, provides some delightful comic relief, though her character’s ultimate end is just as powerful as the others’. " -Queens Gazette

"Gabriel is at once hilarious and tragic as the bumbling Roderigo" -Off Off Online

"Memorable turns from Leah Gabriel's perfectly pitiable Roderigo and Emily Trask's surprisingly balanced Desdemona, are very welcome." -New York Theatre Review

"It is said that your life passes before you at the moment of death, but in Gabriel's "O damned Iago," it is the 20 years of wisdom to come that she suddenly glimpses as her light flickers out."

"Abbey Siegworth as Cassio and Leah Gabriel as Roderigo are at their best in their fateful fight scene." -Queens Courier